Artist Bio

James Manderville was born in the mystical and often described as “haunted” town of Miramichi, New Brunswick. James studied at the University of Guelph and after honing his photography skills, he founded Manderville Gallery. James has worked on corporate photo-shoots throughout Canada and his photographs have been published in various publications both online and print. James won a parliamentary photo award contest with his take on “Fast Times in Toronto”. James’ current images with their pop art vibrance are available in galleries and stores in Toronto, Los Angeles, the celebrity playground of Lake Muskoka or directly from this website.

Artist Statement

My goal as an artist is simple. I create art that evokes positivity and brings an element of urban luxury to your space. My work is often tongue-in-cheek with slight jabs at the iconic brands that are mainstays of popular culture. From “A Tiffany Breakfast with Audrey” to “Gucci Football”, each image can stand on its own or be part of a collection.  One of my favourite moments was when a client wanted help with a wall which she described as her “sad” wall. She found the perfect solution in my “Chanel Paint Can” piece.  Sad wall no more.  It brings tremendous satisfaction to know that my work can bring some fun and pop culture to your home or business.


Brandalism (a portmanteau of ‘brand’ and ‘vandalism’) is an anti-advertising movement. It is a form of creative activism that uses subvertising to alter and critique corporate advertising by creating parodies or spoofs ads. The art is typically intended to draw attention to political and social issues such as consumerism and the environment. Brandalism may take the form of a new image or a satirical alteration to an existing image, icon or logo. The advertisements are often pasted over billboards or propped under the glass of roadside advertising spaces.